About Us

Taylor Salon & Hair Loss Treatment Center provides hair loss solutions to individuals experiencing extreme hair loss due to medical conditions such as chemotherapy, lupus, alopecia, and the many other medical conditions that cause hair loss. We specialize in non-surgical hair replacement. We understand how stressful gradual hair thinning can be, or even complete hair loss. We know how it affects your self-esteem and our mission is to make you feel and look like yourself again. We work closely with our local cancer centers and dermatologist. We want to make sure that we give you the coverage that you need without interfering with treatments from your Doctor or Dermatologist.

We have mastered many different techniques that will not only give you the coverage you need but the appearance of a natural-looking head of hair. We offer hair replacement systems, toppers and medical wigs also called cranial prosthesis. We understand that hair loss varies from one individual to another and it’s not a “one solution fits all” we want to make sure that we offer you every possible solution. We want you to feel comfortable and love what you wear.

We also, accept medical insurance. Some insurances may cover between 80-100% of the coverage of a cranial prosthesis if your hair loss is due to a medical condition, diagnosed by your Doctor. Check with your insurance company to see if your insurance provides coverage for a cranial prosthesis

We also accept other payment options such as CareCredit. CareCredit is a health, wellness, and personal credit card that helps patients and clients get the financial help and care they want and need, without delaying appointments or treatment.

Cardholders can use CareCredit with promotional patient financing to pay overtime for deductibles, copays, and treatment not covered by insurance.

Click on the link below to apply for the CareCredit personal credit card, or visit the website directly at www.carecredit.com