At T. Taylor Salon & Hair Loss Treatment Center, we offer a variety of hair loss solutions. We know the importance of finding styles and hair loss solutions that fit you and your lifestyle. Whether it’s a custom medical wig for hair loss due to chemotherapy, lupus, or any medical condition that causes hair loss, or if your need a hair system due to alopecia, we will get the right hair solution for you. Our non-surgical hair replacement options will give you the appearance of a full natural looking head of hair. We know the importance of loving what you wear and feeling comfortable in what you wear.

Every client’s hair loss is evaluated on an individual basis. We know and understand that every client’s needs will not be the same. We have mastered many different techniques and options, that will give you the individualized attention and coverage that you need. We provide solutions to your hair loss problems.

We want you to feel good about yourself again and we promise to do all that we can to help.