Will Insurance Cover The Cost Of A Medical Wig?

If you have a medical condition such as Alopecia, or you’re undergoing chemotherapy and are suffering from hair loss, you may have insurance coverage to offset the cost of your medical wig. Most companies offer medical hair replacement insurance

Because wigs for cancer patients and other health conditions, are not for cosmetic purposes, they may qualify for reimbursement covered by your health insurance. Many private insurance companies now cover all or some of the cost of a medical wig as long as you have a prescription. It’s not uncommon to receive reimbursement of 80-100% of the cost of a medical wig.

It’s important to know that in order to qualify, most insurance companies require a qualifying medical diagnosis given by your treating physician which could make you eligible for reimbursement for your medical wig also called Cranial Prosthesis.

When looking over your insurance policy to verify your coverage the information will likely be listed under the section called: Durable Medical Equipment.

Note: Just because you don’t see cranial hair prosthesis listed, it does not automatically mean you don’t have coverage. Approval can be obtained by calling your insurance company and getting a pre-authorization.

If you are enrolled in VA Health Care (Veterans Administration) or TRICARE they may Cover up to 100% of the cost of your Cranial Prosthesis wig. We are approved providers for US Department of Veterans Affairs Program and Humana TRICARE.

– We are able to accept all types of HSA and Flexible Spending Accounts to purchase a Medical Cranial Prosthesis

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When Filing Your Claim For Insurance Coverage For Your Medical Wig, It’s Vital That You Use The Correct Terminology And Diagnosis Codes Assigned By Your Prescribing Physician When Submitting Your Reimbursement Claim.
Some Common Terms For Medical Wigs Include:

  • cranial prosthesis (CP)
  • hair prosthesis
  • cranial hair prosthesis
  • extra-cranial prosthesis.

Let Us Help You Find Out If You’re Covered!
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